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This website is a collaborative effort of more than 50 combined years of experience serving the tool and die industry. Many industries such as stamping, plastic injection molding, ceramics, powder compaction, roll forming, timber and knife-making within the tool and die industry are represented.

We bring together both suppliers and users of tool steel. Through this medium, everyone gains a better understanding of tool steel and the markets served. This website would not be possible without the great support of the advertisers. Please visit our advertisers. You may make a long-term connection with a valuable supplier.

Simply tool steel is dedicated to providing valuable information about tool and high-speed steels, in an easy to understand format, for toolmakers and machinist. We demystify the properties, processes, alloying elements and terminology so that the toolmaker can attain a thorough understanding of tool steel and it’s uses. We will provide the proper information necessary to choose the correct grade of steel for your application and to avoid tool failure.

Simply Tool Steel addresses tooling issues involving conventional grades such as O-1, A-2, D-2, S-7 and H-13. Also addressed are the newer powder metal grades like CPM® 1V®, CPM® 3V®, A-11LV, A-11, CPM® 15V®, Vanadis® 4E, Vanadis® 6, and Z-Wear PM. High speed steels including PM M-4, PM T-15, PM M-48, ASP® 2004, ASP® 2005, ASP® 2060 and ASP® 2080 will be discussed as they relate to tooling issues. We will also cover some of the special stainless grades that are used for particular tooling applications including the grades CPM® 154, CPM® S30V and CPM® S90V.

Heat treating principles and practices are also covered. We take you step-by-step through the heat treating process so that you will understand the proper techniques necessary to produce a quality tool.

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