Benchmade 1505 M390 Knife

First Class, Gold Class

 This is one of the finest knives available at such a fine value.

Are you looking for a knife that just plain cuts? This Benchmade model 1505 does just that. It cuts and cuts and cuts.

The Benchmade 1505 is made from M390 Stainless Steel, titanium and G-10 micarta to make this knife virtually maintenance free. The M390 stainless steel provides the knife with a very sharp edge and excellent wear resistance, while, you guessed it, providing the stainless properties that you would need for continuous use and abuse. M390 has proven to be one of the best stainless steels available for longevity of use and is used by some of the finest knife makers in the industry.

The blade length on the 1505 is 3.90” long and is carefully sculpted into a drop point design for a wide variety of cutting chores. The M390 blade is hardened to RC 60-62, because M390 will provide superior cutting strength at such a high hardness.

The titanium liners provide excellent strength; light weight and corrosion resistance, making this knife a strong, good-looking durable option. The G-10 handles provide a secure grip with very little maintenance. Just wipe it clean and it is ready for storage.

The Benchmade 1505 has a dual action release mechanism providing the user with a choice of manual or auto opening action, while providing for a smooth reliable movement, time after time. This is a large, tactical knife. When open this knife is just over 9” long and when closed it is just over 5” long. Benchmade has even included a titanium pocket clip. Every detail of this knife has been scrutinized and hand-fitted for fit and function. The lines are smooth, the fit is tight, and the performance is flawless.