PM T-15 Tool Bits

PM T-15 tool bits are prehardened and ground square and rectangular tool bits  that  are  ready  for your most difficult machining  applications.  Buy  PM  T-15 tool bits when you need excellent abrasion and heat resistance. The PM production process imparts better grindibility and toughness for interrupted cuts and high speeds.

These PM T-15 tool bits are heat treated to RC 65-67 to provide the maximum cutting ability of all of the high-speed steel tool bits. These bits are precision ground on all four sides for accuracy of size, shape and surface finish. They are held to a close tolerance of +/-.002" on the thickness and width. They are etched for easy grade identification and coated with rust preventative.

Square tool bits have a 10 degree angle on each end.
Rectangular tool bits have square ends.