CPM S35VN Stainless Steel Knives

We, at Simply Tool Steel, are pleased to offer these premier tool steel and stainless steel knives to you. We have made shopping simple, by categorizing the knives and tools based on the grade of blade steel used. We have chosen to offer to you only the highest quality knives and tools to ensure that these products will provide you with many years of durable dependable service.

CPM S35VN is a recently developed premium grade of stainless steel used by some of the finest knifemakers.
It is an upgraded version of the very popular CPM S30V. CPM S35VN has an addition of niobium, which provides the user with a tougher grade of steel, while also making it easier to shape and grind by the

CPM S35VN offers an excellent balance of toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. This grade has wear resistance similar to CPM S30V, while providing about 15-20% better toughness than CPM S30V. CPM S35VN is sure to become a staple for many of the finest knifemakers for many years to come.

Each steel grade category listed below contains many models of available knives and tools. To begin shopping, select your desired grade of tool steel from the right-hand column and be assured that you are offered the best products available.