Rush Deer Hammer Multi-Tool


The Upgraded 16 in 1 survival hammer-style multi-tool enables you to operate individual tools safely and effectively, including screwdriver hole, allen wrench, heavy duty mini claw hammer, nail puller, glass-breaker hammer, safety belt cutter, slotted screwdriver, steel file, knife, regular pliers, phillips screwdriver (PH1/PH2), slotted screwdriver (4.5mm), bottle opener, serrated knife, wire cutter, needle nose pliers.

The Rush Deer Hammer-style muti-tool is a versatile, yet portable and light-weight multi-tool. It is a great time saver to meet your needs when working in home improvement, carpentry, outdoors or other DIY projects. An essential EDC emergency survival tool  for camping, hiking, exploring, adventure, fishing, hunting, etc.


The handheld sized hammer multi-tool comes with a reinforced nylon sheath that secures the tool safely on your belt, and the velcro flap allows fast and easy one-handed deployment, which makes the pocket tool ideal for every day carry.

The Rush Deer multi-tool has an ergonomic handle design and grooved handle for a secure, comfortable and easy grip.

Hammering and smashing hard objects or glass is convenient and practical. The rope cutters can cut seatbelts, vines and cables. The Rush Deer is a must-have EDC emergency survival tool that can be used as an escape tool in the car, truck, boat, home, or other emergency situations. With 2 Hammers & 2 Rope cutters, this tool provides double protection to you.

The multi-tool plier, which are made of superior and solid stainless steel to ensure the performance and life-long durability, suitable for high-strength work, and is spring loaded to reduce user's hand fatigue

This hammer-style pocket tool is equipped with 3 screwdrivers with different functions. It is suitable for camping, emergency and daily home maintenance.

The Rush Deer Hammer Multi-Tool is a practical and essential craftsman tool set for daily home repairs. Everything you need when working in home improvement, carpentry and other DIY projects. It is also a perfect companion for camping, hiking, exploring, adventure, etc.