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Powder Metal Production Methods/Knife Steel Strength
September 28, 2017
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This PDF download is written in an easy-to-understand format, providing the reader with a thorough understanding of tool steel and its' role in the tooling industry. This valuable resource can improve the quality of your tooling and reduce your downtime.

You can expect to learn about:

Toughness, wear resistance, hardness and red hardness properties of tool steel

Secondary properties of tool steel

Tool steel terminology and alloying elements

An introduction to the tool steel industries and uses

Proper heat treating of tool steel

Proper design, machining and grinding of tool steel

The methodology behind choosing the correct tool steel

Tool steel comparison charts and data sheets for common tooling grades

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Tool Steel Availability

Many changes in the supply chain of tool steel have taken place during the past few years and there are sure to be more changes in the future.

Where you once purchased a particular grade of tool steel, your favorite distributor no longer stocks that grade or the distributor may no longer exist. Yet a new distributor or supply chain has emerged.

Mills, service centers and distributors change their market approach or their list of inventory based on the demand of their customers. A once popular grade of tool steel in your industry may have been replaced by the mill or the service center with another option or a different brand.

Check with your local tool steel distributor to find out which grades of tool steel they stock and how these grades may differ from your current choice.

Knife Making as a Hobby

With a few bucks and a good quality piece of tool steel, you can begin a satisfying hobby making custom knives. Many hobbyist knife makers begin making knives for their family, their friends, for fundraisers or as Christmas gifts.

A spare room in your basement or a workshop in your garage or shed can serve as your knife making headquarters. There is no need to invest thousands of dollars into a knife grinder with all of the bells and whistles to begin making your own custom creations. A bench grinder with a grinding belt attachment, a 4" x 36" belt grinder or even an angle grinder can get you started making custom knives.

Practice and patience are necessary to produce a quality blade that you will be proud to give to a member of your family or a friend. Start with a scrap piece of steel. Run it across the grinding belt. Note how the blade feels in your hand as you run it across the belt. Look at the result of each pass across the belt and make minor adjustments as needed to achieve the desired shape or angle in the knife blade.

Once you have practiced on a scrap piece of steel and have gained enough confidence in your knife making ability, you can begin making your first knife with a good quality piece of knife steel. You can purchase knife steel at our STS Knife Steel Store .

To gain more knowledge of knife making, knife steels and heat treating of them, check out our Knife Steel Book .

Just for the Knife Maker

For only $34.95, the cost of only one piece of knife steel, you will receive 152 pages of tool steel information devoted to the knife maker, engaged in the production of high-quality tool steel knives.

This PDF download is written in an easy-to-understand format, providing the reader with a thorough understanding of tool steel and its' role in the knife industry. The custom knife maker can now improve the quality of their knives and reduce the learning curve.

You can expect to learn about:

Toughness, wear resistance, hardness and corrosion resistance of knife steel

Machining and grinding of tool steel

Proper heat treating of knife steel to assure a high-quality blade

Steel comparison charts of common knife steel grades

Knife steel data sheets for many common knife steel grades

“Programmable” heat treating

10 Knife making tips for high-quality tool steel knives

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