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KNIVES !!- Special Edition
March 23, 2015
Welcome to Simply Tool Steel,

KNIVES !! Special Edition

This special edition is just for the knife makers and enthusiasts. Custom knife makers, collectors and "Knife Nuts" are an important part of Simply Tool Steel and we have decided that it is time to publish a special edition just for you.

We have had a few major developments in the knife making world recently and we have decided to share them with you.

One of the hottest newer grades used for knife making is CPM S35VN. This grade is a stainless steel alloy that has very good toughness and excellent edge retention. View the CPM S35VN data sheet

STS Knife Steel Store
We have also added the STS Knife Steel Store . We are offering CPM S35VN, CPM 3V, and Z-Wear PM tool steel in standard knife maker's sizes for you. These grades offer the knife maker a wide range of materials suitable for producing the ultimate knife for their customer. This material is available for immediate shipment within the continental US. Payment processing is handled through our secure Paypal server. Now is the time to start making your custom knife. More grades and sizes will be added soon, so make sure that you check out our STS blog often.

STS Knife Store
If you are not a custom knife maker, we have added a STS Knife Store , just for you. In our Knife Store, we have knives listed by the grade of steel used to produce them. Simply click on the grade in the right hand column and view your chosen knives. Purchases are handled through our secure Amazon server.

Simply Etch
Do you want to etch your name or logo on to your favorite knife? We have collaborated with Trollskyy of Trollskyy Custom Knives to produce an article showing a simple method of producing an etch on a knife blade. You can find this simple method of etching here.

Important Notice
Stay tuned to STS. In the upcoming months, we will be announcing a new opportunity featuring custom knife makers. Knife makers and enthusiasts alike, will be excited with this opportunity.

Advertise Simply
If you are interested in reaching out to our knife making audience, you may want to consider our affordable advertising options. Again, we make advertising simple, with just 4 simple steps. You can jump in on this opportunity here.

If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear your feedback. We encourage you to submit your feedback here

We hope that you have found this issue of Simply Tool Steel News to be very beneficial. We are already looking forward to the next issue. Until then, please consider adding to your list of favorites.

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