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Expanding in 2017
December 28, 2016
Welcome to Simply Tool Steel,

Expanding in 2017

At Simply Tool Steel, we have many changes slated for the upcoming year. You are going to want to stay update-to-date as the site will change and expand quickly.

You may want to subscribe to our RSS feed for the newest updates. Our newsletter will also highlight the frequent changes. Make sure that you have subscribed to it.

What do we have in store for 2017?

-We will be covering more manufacturing innovations
-Writing more in-depth industry articles
-Highlighting knife making principles
-Offering concise tool steel information
-Featuring more tool steel grades
-Digging deeper into heat treating methods for tool steel
-Expanding the STS Knife Steel Store .

Currently, we are offering CPM S35VN, CPM 3V, and Z-Wear PM tool steel in standard knife maker's sizes for you. These grades offer the knife maker a wide range of materials suitable for producing the ultimate knife for their customer. This material is available for immediate shipment within the continental US. Payment processing is handled through our secure Paypal server. Now is the time to start making your custom knife. More grades and sizes will be added soon, so make sure that you check out our STS blog often.

Supply Chain Services
In the upcoming months, we will begin to provide tool steel supply chain services, connecting the customer with the vendor.

If you are a vendor that would like the opportunity to take part in offering your products through Simply Tool Steel, keep watching for a vendor submission form soon.

Our aim is to provide a portal allowing customers the chance to submit their list of needs to multiple vendors who are able to provide the required material.

Important Notice to Custom Knife Makers
Stay tuned to STS. In the upcoming months, we will be announcing a new opportunity for custom knife makers. Knife makers and enthusiasts alike, constitute a large portion of our audience and we will be offering some exciting news for this group. Be sure to stay in touch with STS and let your friends know about the upcoming news.

One of the major changes that you will notice during the upcoming months, will be in our advertising campaign. The Google and Amazon advertisements will be removed to provide a much friendlier experience for our audience and more visibility for our advertisers.

Advertise Simply
If you are interested in reaching out to our tool steel audience, you may want to consider our affordable advertising options. Again, we make advertising simple, with just 4 simple steps. You can jump in on this opportunity here.

If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear your feedback. We encourage you to submit your feedback here

We hope that you have found this issue of Simply Tool Steel News to be very beneficial. We are already looking forward to the next issue. Until then, please consider adding to your list of favorites.

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