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Manufacturing and tool steel
January 12, 2017
Welcome to Simply Tool Steel,

Manufacturing and tool steel

Manufacturing has shown real positive signs in the US for 2017. With the presidential election behind us and a commitment made to "Make America great again", many US manufacturers are seeing an up-tick in orders.

Ford Motor Company has just abandoned plans to build a $1.6 billion manufacturing facility in the Mexico, but instead those cars will be built in the US, providing not only jobs at their facility, but also many manufactured parts from their vendors. Fiat Chrysler just announced that they plan to invest $1 billion in two manufacturing plants in the US.

How does news like this affect the tool steel industry? Many of these manufactured parts are produced using tool steel as part of the manufacturing process. Many engine and transmission components are formed by tooling made from tool steel. Many suspension components, hinges and gussets are stamped using tool steel tooling. Tubing and trim are manufactured using tool steel tooling in an extrusion press. Bumpers and trim are molded in a plastic molding machine using tool steel molds.

These are just a few of the examples of manufacturing industries that we will focus on during the upcoming year.

Accurate and Concise
We are working to provide our visitors with and accurate and concise source of tool steel information. In the upcoming months, we will be releasing two e-books available only on Simply Tool Steel.

"Tool Steel Simplified" will offer the reader a wide range of information regarding tool steel, its' properties, uses, fabrication, heat treatment and updated charts and data sheets. This e-book will provide the knowledge and expertise needed to produce high-quality tooling, allowing your manufacturing process to expand its' capabilities and margin, while reducing its' downtime and scrap rate.

The second book "Knife Steel Simplified" will focus on the knife making industry, including the custom knife maker. We will highlight knife steel properties, selection, machining and grinding techniques and tips, and proper heat treatment of knife steel and even "Programmable" heat treatment of knife steel. Knife steel comparison charts and data sheets will be included for ease-of-reference, allowing the knife maker to produce sharp high-quality tough blades.

STS Knife Steel
Currently, we have CPM S35VN, CPM 3V, and Z-Wear PM tool steel in standard knife maker's sizes for you. These grades offer the knife maker a wide range of materials suitable for producing the ultimate knife for their customer. This material is available for immediate shipment within the continental US. Payment processing is handled through our secure Paypal server. Now is the time to start making your custom knife. More grades and sizes will be added soon, so make sure that you check out our STS Knife Steel Store

Vendors Only
In the coming weeks, we will be presenting an amazing opportunity to you. You will have the opportunity to expand your sales of your goods to a much broader market. You will have the chance to sell your materials through out site.

We will be changing our Marketplace to allow potential customers the opportunity to submit their requests for materials, and to provide you with the opportunity to quote to a broader market.

In the next month, you will see a Vendor Application appear in our newsletter. By filling out this application, you will be added to the list of possible vendors willing to bid on the customer requests. Details will follow, so please stay tuned.

We have removed all of our third-party advertising, providing our visitors with a much cleaner browsing experience. Advertisers are a very important part of Simply Tool Steel and we believe that removing these third-party ads makes room for our manufacturing advertisers to be seen. We aim to display only first class advertising to our customers. If you would like your company to be seen, you can contact our advertising department to place your ad at STS Advertising.

If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear your feedback. We encourage you to submit your feedback here

We hope that you have found this issue of Simply Tool Steel News to be very beneficial. We are already looking forward to the next issue. Until then, please consider adding to your list of favorites.

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