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June 19, 2023
Welcome to Simply Tool Steel,

Knife enthusiasts are frequent visitors to Simply Tool Steel and we have decided to do something special for them. We have compiled a collection of some of the best CPM S35VN Stainless Steel Knives . With such a variety of styles, we are sure that you will find one to fit your needs.

One of our favorites, and sure that you will find to be of great value for EDC is Benchmade Bugout knife

You simply can not go wrong by putting this one in your pocket.

Another strategic move that you could make is to pair the Benchmade Bugout knife with an equally reliable and versatile SOG Power Access Multi-Tool, AKA: SOGPA

This beast is armed for all of the most common repairs and includes wire cutters, plain-edge and serrated-edge knife blades, wood saw, phillips and two sizes of flat screwdrivers, hex bit driver and SOG's Power Access, gear driven pliers, providing extra gripping power.

Secretly carry all of your EDC tools in the conveinent and durable 1791-Toolholder . Available in black, burgandy or chestnut finished leather, this tool holder slides on your belt and securely contains your knife, multi-tool, flashlight, pen and keys. There simply is no easier way to stay organised while having all of your EDC tools so readily at hand.

Ultimate Survival Multi Tool

Survivalist and preppers know that quality and dependability are neccessary in their equipment. This Tactical Survival Shovel is exactly what is needed. Made of cast martensitic steel, instead of being stamped from sheet metal, it is strong and durable. With a seven position shovel angle, it can get the work done.

It also double as a tactical defnese weapon with its' sharp edge and lightweight handle. The shovel also includes a sharp durable knife blade, harpoon, ferro rod and even a camera mount to catch your best shots while outdoors.

Knife Steel Simplified Book

If you have ever wonder what consititutes a quality knife, or have wanted to craft your own custom knife, we have the information in our book "Knife Steel Simplified". Pick up your copy today and discover the differences and benefits of knife steels, heat treatment and manufacturing. Grab your copy now, Knife Steel Book

Tool Steel Simplified Book

The first time that you see our book cover, you may wonder what exactly is in it and more importantly, what will I gain by reading it?

At Simply Tool Steel, our mission is to educate you so that you can become more productive in your manufacturing position, and our book can assist you,

"Tool Steel Simplified" is 226 pages of valuable tool steel information, providing you with the resources necessary to produce high-quality tooling for your application.

This PDF download is written in an easy-to-understand format, providing the reader with a thorough understanding of tool steel and its' role in the tooling industry. This valuable resource can improve the quality of your tooling and reduce your downtime.

Get your copy of Tool Steel Simplified

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