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Tool Steel Simplified
March 23, 2023
Welcome to Simply Tool Steel,

Ultimate Survival Multi Tool

Survivalist and preppers know that quality and dependability are neccessary in their equipment. This Tactical Survival Shovel is exactly what is needed. Made of cast martensitic steel, instead of being stamped from sheet metal, it is strong and durable. With a seven position shovel angle, it can get the work done.

It also double as a tactical defnese weapon with its' sharp edge and lightweight handle. The shovel also includes a sharp durable knife blade, harpoon, ferro rod and even a camera mount to catch your best shots while outdoors.

Tool Steel Simplified Book

The first time that you see our book cover, you may wonder what exactly is in it and more importantly, what will I gain by reading it?

At Simply Tool Steel, our mission is to educate you so that you can become more productive in your manufacturing position, so we have decided to provide you with the table of contents of our Tool Steel Simplified ebook.

Section 1: Tool Steel Properties
1. What is Tool Steel
2. Properties of Tool Steel
3. Tool Steel Terminology
4. Alloying Elements
5. Conventional Tool Steel Production
6. PM Tool Steel Production
7. Tool Steel Selection
8. Choosing the Correct Tool Steel
9. Avoiding Tool Failure
10. Tool Steel Toughness
11. Tool Steel Wear Resistance
12. Has A-11 PM Replaced D-2 as the standard wear resistant tool steel?
13. Tool Steel Bar Finishes
14. Calculating Tool Steel Weights

Section 2: Industries Where Tool Steel is Applied
1. Tool and Die
2. Metal Stamping
3. Plastic Injection Molding
4. Powder Metal Compaction
5. Roll Forming
6. Slitting/Shearing
7. Vinyl Extrusion

Section 3: Fabricating Tool Steel in to a Useful Form
1. Cutting of Tool Steel
2. Machining of Tool Steel
3. CNC Machining of Tool Steel
4. CNC Machines for Tool Steel Machining
5. Grinding of Tool Steel
6. EDM of Tool Steel
7. EDM Tips for Tool Steel
8. EDM Blanks

Section 4: Tool Steel Management and Careers
1. Choosing a Tool Steel Supplier
2. Supply Chain Management
3. CNC Machinist
4. Metallurgist
5. Mechanical Engineer
6. Project Manager
7. Tooling Manager

Section 5: Heat Treatment of Tool Steel
1. Why Do We Heat Treat Tool Steel?
2. Conventional Tool Steel Heat Treating Cycle
3. PM Tool Steel Heat Treating Cycle
4. Tool Steel Heat Treating Introduction
5. Recordkeeping for Tool Steel Heat Treating
6. Preventing Oxidation
7. Annealing Tool Steel
8. Stress Relieving Tool Steel
9. Pre-Heating Tool Steel
10. Austenizing (Hardening) Tool Steel
11. Quenching Tool Steel
12. Tempering Tool Steel
13. “Programmable” Heat Treating
14. Cryogenic Treatment of Tool Steel
15. Welding of Tool Steel

Section 6: Charts
1. Rockwell Hardness Conversion Chart
2. Tool Steel Tensile Strength
3. Temperature Color Guide
4. Conventional Tool Steel Comparison Chart
5. PM Tool Steel Comparison Chart
6. High-Speed Steel Comparison Chart
7. Stainless Steel Comparison Chart

Section 7: Data Sheets
Conventional Tool Steels
1. O-1 Oil- Hardening Tool Steel
2. L-6 Oil-Hardening Tool Steel
3. A-2 Air-Hardening Tool Steel
4. A-6 Air-Hardening Tool Steel
5. D-2 Air Hardening Tool Steel
6. S-7 Shock-Resisting Tool Steel
7. H-13 Hot-Work Tool Steel

PM Tool Steels
1. CPM 15V Tool Steel
2. A-11 PM Tool Steel
3. A-11LV PM Tool Steel
4. Z-Wear PM Tool Steel
5. Vanadis 4 Extra Tool Steel
6. CPM 3V Tool Steel
7. CPM 1V Tool Steel
8. Z-Tuff PM Tool Steel

PM High-Speed Steel
1. PM M-4 High-Speed Steel
2. PM T-15 High-Speed Steel
3. PM M-48 High-Speed Steel

Conventional High-Speed Steel
1. M-2 High-Speed Steel
2. M-42 High-Speed Steel

Stainless Tool Steel
1. 420 ESR Stainless Steel
2. 440C Stainless Steel

PM Stainless Steel
1. PM 420 Stainless Steel

Conventional Stainless Knife Steel
1. 420HC Stainless Knife Steel
2. 440C Stainless Knife Steel

PM Stainless Knife Steel
1. M390/CPM 20CV Stainless Knife Steel
2. CPM 154 Stainless Knife Steel
3. CPM S30V Stainless Knife Steel
4. CPM S35VN Stainless Knife Steel
5. CPM S90V Stainless Knife Steel

Premium Mold Steel
1. H-13 ESR Mold Steel
2. S-7 ESR Mold Steel

Non-Tool Steel
1. 4140 Alloy Steel
2. 110 Copper

"Tool Steel Simplified" is 226 pages of valuable tool steel information, providing you with the resources necessary to produce high-quality tooling for your application.

This PDF download is written in an easy-to-understand format, providing the reader with a thorough understanding of tool steel and its' role in the tooling industry. This valuable resource can improve the quality of your tooling and reduce your downtime.

Get your copy of Tool Steel Simplified

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