EDM Blanks

EDM blanks are tool steel blanks that are provided in the hardened and ground condition. They are available in many popular grades such as: A-11 PM, PM M-4, D-2 and A-2. They provide the toolmaker with a quick and cost-effective way to produce a tooling component.

EDM blanks are tool steel blocks that are machined from quality tool steel into standard size blocks. The blocks are machined to a standard width and length, usually about 5 to 6" wide and 7 to 8" long. They are available in various thicknesses from 1/2" to 4" thick.

These blocks are then hardened and tempered to the standard hardness for each grade. See the chart below:

A-11 PM
RC 60-62
PM M-4
RC 60-62
RC 60-62
RC 58-60

After heat treatment, the blocks are ground. The blocks are ground oversize to allow for any required finish grinding. These blanks are usually ground to the tolerances indicated in the chart below:


EDM blanks allow the toolmaker to save valuable time and money. The blanks are ready for immediate use. They eliminate the time required to machine, heat treat and grind a piece of raw material. The toolmaker can insert a blank into a wire or sinker EDM and start producing their part. A threading electrode can be used to produce a tapped hole in the part. Then the part can be wire EDM'd out of the blank. When the wiring of the part is completed, the blank can be taken out of the EDM and placed in storage, ready for the next job.

A finished part may be produced in just a few hours. When your customers request short lead times for their tooling, you can now give them just what they want by using EDM blanks .

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