Max Axe Multi-Purpose Tool

Do you remember the last time that you were stuck out in the woods on the trail? Of course you do. You could never forget it. You attempted to drive your Jeep or overland truck over that log and discovered that you didn’t have enough ground clearance. Oops. Then you tried to power it over the log and managed to get the vehicle buried in that swamp. You found yourself saying “%#&! Now what are we going to do?” You are 20 miles from the nearest civilization with no cell phone service, so you can’t even call in your buddy who owns a helicopter. Nevertheless, you were not going to leave your beloved Jeep behind and take a 20 mile hike.

Max Axe Multi-purpose Tool

Well, the next time that you decide to go on an overland adventure, you need to take along an insurance policy. No, not one of those worthless pieces of paper that you are required to purchase. I am talking about the Max Axe Multipurpose Tool. This seven-tools-in-one thing is equipped to get you out of such desperate situations. The Max Axe is equipped with, of course an ax, but also so much more. You could use that axe to chop through that log that you got hung up on. It is equipped with a sturdy shovel that you could use to drain that swamp. Problem solved.

If you are going to be out in the woods for a long period of time, the Max Axe also contains a hoe and rake, just in case you need to dig a trench or plant a garden. It also comes with various picks, just in case you need to split open the skull of a zombie.

The Max Axe is made of carbon tool steel that provides tons of strength that is needed for these survival tasks. Don’t be stuck in the woods with one of those cheap survival shovels that bend during the first use. The Max Axe is tough, durable and just plain indispensible. If you are going into the woods, then this is the one on-board tool that you shouldn’t go without. You can use the Max Axe to pound in your tent stakes or to build a shelter.

The Max Axe has a tough durable poly-glass handle that won’t rust or splinter, so there is no need to worry about breakage. This multi-purpose tool comes with its’ own Cordura backpack for ease of transport or storage. Probably, the best thing about this tool is that it is Made in the USA, so you know that it is strong, dependable and well designed.

Simply mount one of these bad ass tools on your overland vehicle and you are ready for your next adventure.