Case Study #10: Metal Stamping Punch

Tool Type: Metal Stamping Punch

Work Material: .025" thick High-yield Full-hard Stainless Steel

Original Tooling Material: CPM M4 hardened to RC 62-63

Problem: After 40,000 to 50,000 parts were stamped with the punch, the edge of the punch chipped out. This caused the part to have a ragged finish along the cut edge. There was an attempt made to lower the hardness of the CPM M4 to RC 60-62 to prevent the chipping. This caused deformation at the edge of the punch which caused tearing of the work material.

Solution: Upgrade to Z-Wear PM tool steel at RC 62-63.

Results: Due to the high hardness of the work material, a high hardness tool steel was needed to stamp out the part. CPM M4 provided the required high hardness, but lacked sufficient toughness. Z-Wear PM provided the required high hardness to resist deformation and better toughness to avoid chipping. The stamper was able to stamp more than 120,000 parts before the tool needed to be resharpened.

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