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Your search for high-quality knife steel is over. At Simply Tool Steel, we are offering tool steel and stainless steel sheet for your knife making projects. We bring to you a variety of grades and sizes from 1/8" to 5/16" thick.

Hot rolled annealed sheets have been hot rolled from ingot form into a sheet product then annealed, so that they are ready for further forming and shaping into your knife product. Hot rolled sheet should be machined or ground to remove at least .010" per side to remove the outer layer.

We are offering knife steels in CPM 3V in annealed descaled sheet stock.

More grades and sizes to be added soon.

Shipping to the Continental U.S.A.

Material typically ships in 1 day.

Free shipping on orders over $250.00

CPM 3V offers excellent toughness and resistance to breakage combined with good wear resistance and chipping resistance.

CPM 3V Data Sheet

Available in hot rolled descaled sheet - 18" and 36" lengths

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