Ultimate Survival Multi-Tool

Multi-purpose tools are available in a wide variety of sizes, configurations and uses for everything from survival tools to rescue tools to camping tools. They are available with implements such as: knives, pliers, screwdrivers, hex bits, magnifying glasses, bottle openers, axes and even spoons. Not all multi-tools are created equal though. For this reason, we have such a wide variety of multi-tools.

Some multi-tools are specialized for electricians, IT technicians, plumbers, sportsmen and even collectors. Being a user and collector myself, I have crossed paths with a wide variety of multi-tools. Some good ones and many bad ones. Being an outdoor enthusiast, I have learned that quality is very important and sometimes, lifesaving.

We have all seen the cheap army surplus survival shovels. Many of us have also had the unfortunate experience of using one. Most of these "survival" shovels fail to perform when needed, and often become useless after just one use.

Recently, I picked up a shovel that I can truly rely on. I have found the quality of this shovel to be outstanding and completely reliable in a desperate situation. Cast from mastensitic steel, instead of stamped from a flat steel sheet, it will take a serious beating and still performs like a champ.

The shovel features a cast shovel blade with reinforcement around the swivel joint, which provides 7 different angles for use as a shovel or a hoe. The blade is thin at the bottom for maximum penetration and is thicker at the top to provide rigidity to drive it into the ground. The included axe is also thick enough to withstand the abuse of chopping down, or trimming trees.


The Zune Lotoo Tactical Shovel has become a permanent replacement for the full-sized shovel in my Jeep, due to its' lightweight portability and  rugged construction including CNC machined threads, O-ring handle seals and incredibly durable edges.

Whether you are an outdoorsman, overlander, camper or survivalist prepper, this compact tactical shovel can perform an incredible amount of tasks for you.