Case Study #3: Bark-peeling Cutter

Tool Type: Bark-peeling cutter

Work material: Cherry timber logs about 16" diameter and 8 feet long

Original tooling material: A-2 tool steel hardened to RC 60-62

Problem: Dirt and rocks become embedded in the cherry logs as they are removed from the forest. At the mill, the bark must be peeled from the logs in preparation for a veneer peeling operation. The embedded dirt and rocks are very abrasive and dull the cutter after 25-30 logs have been peeled. This dull cutter required about 1 hour of downtime to change.

Solution: Upgrade to D-2 tool steel hardened to RC 60-62

Results: The D-2 cutter was able to peel 48-50 logs before requiring a regrind. Using the D-2 cutter required less downtime with fewer changes.

D-2 Tool Steel Data Sheet

Cold Work Tool Steel Comparison Chart