Real Life Emergency Situation Bag

I know that there is a lot of talk about zombie attacks and the need to have a Bug-Out Bag, a Bug-Out Shelter and an assault vehicle, but a real emergency is more likely to happen than a zombie attack. A real emergency could be like Hurricane Florence or Hurricane Michael that devastated North Carolina, Florida and Georgia.

Real emergency situations may also include, a car breakdown on an isolated road, weather-related evacuation, or an injury while out for a hike. A real emergency situation can happen at any time. I have recently had three emergency situations occur during the past three months. After the first situation occurred, I have learned that I better be prepared at all times.

I decided to put together an emergency situation bag to carry in my car, ready for use at any time. I am not talking about a complete survival kit for a zombie attack, just some essential items to survive an emergency situation.

I start with packing a good pair of waterproof breathable hiking boots, like these

KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid Tac Hiking Boots,

because in an emergency situation, you never know how far you are going to have to walk or what kind of weather or terrain you will encounter. Believe me, a 15 mile hike in dress shoes or sneakers is no fun.

A small good rip-stop backpack makes life much easier. I chose this bright colored backpack with a hip belt, because in an emergency situation, I want to be seen and rescued. The backpack makes it very easy to carry your survival essentials.

My first essential item that I carry in my backpack is a waterproof breathable rain shell. Staying dry is necessary in a survival situation and starting with the outer layer makes this possible.

I also carry a micro-fleece wicking jacket in my pack. This layer retains your body heat while wicking your body moisture out, keeping you warm and dry.

A good knife is one essential tool that I always pack. I carry a good fixed blade survival knife made of CPM S35VN.  I prefer a fixed blade because there are no moving parts to break and, if necessary, you can pound on the back of it to drive it into something. A good quality stainless knife steel is essential. I am not going to rely on a cheaply made knife to save my life.

I prefer to carry this

Benchmade Steep Country Fixed Blade Hunting Knife,

because it is made of premier CPM S35VN stainless steel and has a secure grip for bad weather situations. I know that I can count on it to perform when needed.

Water is essential for life. This will probably be the heaviest item that you will carry, but it becomes easy to carry when you have a hydration sleeve. The hydration sleeve fits easily into you backpack and sipping through the supplied tube takes little effort.

I carry the Adventure Medical Kits first aid kit that contains most of the basic first aid necessities, including bandages, gauze, medical tape, butterfly bandages, antiseptic wipes, moleskin and ibuprofen etc. This kit is equipped to treat many of the common injuries and ailments that you may encounter in an emergency situation. Maybe, the best part is that it is all contained in an ultra-light re-sealable waterproof dry bag, ensuring that it is ready for use when needed.

Another item that I have found to be very useful in an emergency situation is a good quality multi-tool. In my pack, I have included the SOG Powerlock Traveler which includes Powerlock pliers, which I have found to provide the best gripping force of all of the multi-tools that I have tried. The SOG Powerlock Traveler also includes the essential tools such as a serrated blade, scissors, multiple screwdrivers, wire cutters, files and none of the unnecessary gadgets that you will never use.

I also carry some food in my pack. I keep a bag of dry roasted almonds to provide protein, a couple of Clif Energy bars and Nutri-grain bars to provide much needed energy and, of course, some chocolate bars.

I carry a dry bag to keep the food in and also some other essential items such as a wind-proof lighter and dry tinder, toilet paper, wire, duct tape, high-strength braided fishing line, a whistle, a compass and a small LED flashlight.

Depending on your location, you made also want to include a good insulated hat and insulated wicking gloves. Staying warm and dry is necessary for your survival.

I tuck this emergency situation bag into the corner of my car trunk and it is ready when needed. Spending a few bucks on these essential items is much better than any insurance policy. Your insurance agent or road-side assistance is not going to come out searching for you in an emergency situation.