Featured Knives and Tools

These featured knives are made by some of the finest craftsmen in the knifemaking industry using some of the finest materials available. These craftsmen design these knives to provide the best form and function.

The steel is chosen to provide the best service based on its intended use. Each grade is chosen based on its edge retention, toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance properties. Because each knife has an intended use, the selection of the correct tool steel grade is very important.

The handle materials are chosen for their durability, stability and attractive finish. The handle is the connection between man and machine, and it must fit comfortably and provide good grip. These knives provide that important bond.

The craftsmen of these knives, turn a thought or vision into a real working tool. Machining, grinding, hardening and fitting, by these talented artist, turn raw materials into works of pride. These fine knives are sharpened and ready for many years of reliable use.

Each knife is designed with the you in mind. We are proud to be able to offer these high-quality knives to you.

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MicroTech Whaleshark CPM S35VN Knife


Boker Colubris 440C Knife


Benchmade 1505-132 M390 Knife