High Speed Steel Comparison Chart

A high-speed steel comparison chart compares the hardness, wear resistance, toughness and red hardness of common high speed steel grades. The grades in this high speed steel comparison chart include M-2, M-42, PM M-4, PM M-48 and PM T-15. The hardness shown is the typical working hardness for each of the grades.

High-speed steel grades include M-1, M-2, M-3 type 1, M3 type 2, M-4, M-7, M-35, M-42, M-48, T-1, T-4, T-8, and T-15. These grades are commonly used to produce high-speed steel cutting tools such as tool bits, gear hobs, reamers and broaches.

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View the data sheets listed below for more information on each of the grades. Typical chemistries, applications and heat treating directions are shown on the data sheets.

M-2 Data Sheet - The most popular grade of high speed steel

PM M-4 Data Sheet - A high speed steel with excellent wear resistance

PM M-48 Data Sheet - A high speed steel with excellent wear resistance and red hardness

PM T-15 Data Sheet - A tungsten high speed steel with excellent wear resistance