Knife Steel Simplified

Your hobby has become your obsession. Fuel your obsession by reading “Knife Steel Simplified”.

Now only $39.99, the cost of only one piece of knife steel, you will receive 152 pages of tool steel information devoted to the knife maker, engaged in the production of high-quality tool steel knives.

This downloadable PDF ebook is written in an easy-to-understand format, providing the reader with a thorough understanding of tool steel and its' role in the knife industry. You will use this ebook each time that you enter your workshop.

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Who would benefit from this book:

  • Custom knife makers looking to improve the quality of their knives
  • Commercial knife makers looking to gain a better understanding of knife steel
  • Industrial slitters/shearers requiring consistent quality knives for production
  • Hobbyists using tool steel
  • Students who want to gain an understanding of tool steel and its’ uses

What you can expect to learn:

  • Toughness, wear resistance, hardness and corrosion resistance of knife steel
  • Machining and grinding of tool steel
  • Proper heat treating of knife steel to assure a high-quality blade
  • Steel comparison charts of common knife steel grades
  • Knife steel data sheets for many common knife steel grades
  • “Programmable” heat treating
  • 10 Knife making tips for high-quality tool steel knives

  How you would benefit from this book:

  • Gain an understanding of knife steel, design and its’ use
  • Learn the correct way to heat treat a knife blade
  • Discover machining and grinding precautions and tips
  • Learn how to select the best knife steel for your knife
  • Find out how to avoid knife failure
  • Gain an understanding of knife making grinders

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  • "I have learned so much about the right way to heat treat my knives. Now I know that they will perform as expected for my customers."  -  Adam M., Fort Collins, CO
  • "This ebook has greatly improved my understanding of knife steel. The grinding and heat treating tips have helped me to improve the quality of my knives by ten-fold."  - Bishop R., Orem, UT
  • "A great resource for getting started in the knifemaking hobby. I have learned so much from this download. Well worth it." - Jason L. Battle Creek, MI
  • " I can't wait to put this information to use. I ordered my first piece of blade steel last night." - Roger V. Bellingham, WA