Case Study #12: Metal Stamping Tool Set

Tool Type: Metal Stamping Notching Tool Set

Work Material: 1mm thickness 1065 Spring Steel hardened to RC 52

Original Tooling Material: Vanadis 23® (AISI M-3 Type 2) hardened to RC 63

Problem: D-2 tool steel wa originally specified for this notching application. One tool set was produced and it was soon discovered that D-2 was lacking sufficient wear resistance and hardness. The initial tool set failed, due to wear, after less than 1000 parts were produced. Subsequent tool sets were produced from Vanadis 23®, believed to provide better wear resistance and hardness. The Vanadis 23® increased tool life to more than 5000 parts. However, due to the high hardness of the 1065 spring steel, wear of the tool set continued. This wear of the tool set required redressing twice per 8 hour shift. The production schedule required production of more than 10,000 parts per shift. The high yield strength of the 1065 spring steel demanded a high tool hardness in order to provide a clean break.

Solution: Upgrade to PM T-15 high-speed steel hardened to RC 64

Results: With the added tungsten and vanadium provided by the PM T-15, the tool set was able to resist wear and provide a clean break of the 1065 spring steel. More than 15,500 parts are now produced during each 8 hour shift with only 1 redress required.