Case Study #2: Metal Stamping Punch

Tool Type: Metal stamping punch

Work material: .093" thick zinc sheet

Original tooling material: D-2 tool steel hardened to RC 60-62

Problem: The zinc metal stamping punch chipped irregularly between 5000 and 15,000 cycles. This caused unscheduled and unpredictable downtime for the customer resulting in lost production.

Solution: Upgrade to PM M-4 high speed steel hardened to RC 60-62

Results: The PM M-4 punch was able to produce 40,000 holes before redressing was necessary, due to wear. The PM M-4 tool maintained a sharp cutting edge for a longer period of time. Since this tool maintained a sharp cutting edge, chipping became more predictable. Replacement of the tool was able to be performed during regularly scheduled downtime.

For more information read the Metal Stamping article or the PM M-4 data sheet.