Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is the process of shaping parts with the use of a tool set. This tool set punches or stamps holes and shapes into a metal sheet. This process can be a very fast, effecient and cost effective process to form many types of parts from a wide variety of metal sheets, such as steel, brass, copper, aluminum and zinc. Intricate part designs, dimensional stability and repeatabiltiy are common benefits of metal stamping.

Parts have been fabricated by the metal stamping process, since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.. The invention of the metal stamping press led to the production of parts for the military and agriculture industries.

The metal stamping process produces parts for many different industries including, aerospace, automotive, defense, electrical, medical and consumer goods. Electrical circuits, fasteners, soda cans, kitchen appliances and automotive parts are just a few examples of the wide variety of parts that are manufactured using the metal stamping process.

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