Natural Gas Industry

by Gordon
(Temple, TX)

In the natural gas industry, we need to replace pipe in the field. Over time the pipe will rust and small holes will form in the pipe. Our metering devices detect a leak in a pipeline. We then locate the hole in the section of pipe.

Once the hole is found, we will determine the length of the section to be replaced. We use a split-frame clamshell tool to cut the pipe. This clamshell tool clamps around the outside of the pipe. The frame is equipped with 2 opposing toolbits. These toolbits are made from either M-2 or T-15 high speed steel. They are provided to us, hardened and ground, ready to use. The toolbits are provided with various cutting profiles for parting and beveling the section of the pipe.

A motor is attached to the frame. This motor drives the toolbits around the clamshell frame. The toolbits are indexed as they rotate, cutting into the pipe. They continue rotating until the pipe is parted.

Once the cutting and beveling on both ends of the pipe is done, then the two sections of pipe are welded together.

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