Case Study #5: Powder Metal Compaction Die

Tool Type: Powder Metal Compaction Die

Work Material: FN-0205 Nickel Steel metal powder

Original Tooling Material: CPM® 10V® tool steel hardened to RC 61-63

Problem: The high density of the FN-0205 metal powder requires high compaction forces to properly compact the powder into a PM part. These compaction forces push the powder radially into the die wall. Due to the high density of the powder, the die cracks due to fatique after 25,000 parts are produced. At this point the die would no longer be able to hold the required sizes and production would be halted for a die replacement.

Solution: Upgrade to PM M-48 high speed steel hardened to RC 67-68

Results: Due to the high hardness of the PM M-48 high speed steel, the die wall was able to withstand the high compaction forces required to compact the powder metal part. The PM M-48 die produced more than 100,000 parts without cracking.

For more information, go to Powder Metal Compaction or PM M-48 High Speed Steel Data Sheet.