Case Study #6: Powder Metal Compaction Punch

Tool Type: Powder Metal Compaction Punch

Work Material: FC-0208 Steel metal powder

Original Tooling Material: CPM® 3V® tool steel hardened to RC 58-60

Problem: The required high density of the compacted part combined with the high compaction forces required to form the part, would deform the bevel and face detail to the CPM® 3V® punch. The deformation of the face detail and bevel would require that the punch would be redressed after 20,000 parts were formed. More than 4 hours of downtime caused lost production.

Solution: Upgrade to Z-Wear PM® tool steel hardened to RC 62-64.

Results: Due to the higher toughness and higher hardness of the Z-Wear PM® at RC 62-64, the face detail and bevel resisted deformation. The face detail held intact for 55,000 parts before wear of the leading edge required the punch to be redressed.

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