Project Manager

A project manager in the manufacturing industry manages an entire production line. They are responsible for the management of a component or set of components from the beginning of the project to the end of the project. A project manager’s responsibilities include planning, scheduling, budgeting, assuring on-time deliveries and project assessment.

Reporting of project status to management and ensuring customer satisfaction is required to ensure that overall business objectives are met. Continuous improvement is an important part of the project manager’s responsibilities. Careful management of machinery, materials, operations, scheduling, budget and quality are necessary to ensure customer satisfaction and profitability of the project.

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Tooling Manager

The tooling manager is responsible for the complete operation of the tooling. They strategically and proactively manage all tooling projects. The tooling manager uses measurement instruments to determine size, tolerance and clearance characteristics of the tooling.

The tooling manager coordinates with the engineering, maintenance, machine shop, production and quality departments to assure that the parts are produced on time to the customer’s specifications. Analyzing and resolving escalating tooling issues that have the potential to jeopardize the ability to meet the scheduled delivery, are vital aspects of the tooling managers job.