Proxxon Micro Mill

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The Proxxon Micro Mill FF230 is perfect for all of your small machining jobs and is capable of holding tight tolerances that just can't be achieved with a drill press.

It is a small accurate micro mill capable of machining, drilling, milling and countersinking steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass, plastics, phenolics, G-10 and most knife handle materials. It is equipped with a powerful permanent magnet motor that drives a poly V-belt producing high-torque especially at low speeds.

The headstock swivels through 360-Degree indicated on a scale. Height is adjusted via a zero adjustable hand wheel, also used as a fine feed when milling. One revolution equals 1/32-Inch (1mm) travel, 1 division equals .002-Inch (0.05mm). The quill and headstock may be locked in position, which is essential when milling.

The machine comes with three collets of 15/64-Inch, 5/16-Inch and 25/64-Inch (6, 8, and 10mm). The solid table has a size of 10-5/8-Inch by 3-5/32-Inch (270 by 80mm) and is T-slotted to 15/32-Inch by 15/64-Inch by 13/64-Inch.

If you are a custom knife maker, jeweler, gunsmith, RC modeler, or home hobbyist then this machine could be perfect for all of your small machining projects.

Accurately hold tolerances, hole locations, blended curves and smooth surfaces. This machine has a wide assortment of accessories for work-holding a variety of part configurations.