Revolution Knives Materials

At Revolution Knives, we choose to use only the finest-quality materials to produce our knives. This is the only way that we can offer the finest-quality knives to you. We believe, that offering you the best knife possible will make you loyal customers of Revolution Knives and that is the only customers that we seek.

Blade Steels

A-2 - This is a good general purpose tool steel that is very tough and holds an edge well. It is best suited for knives used for chopping and general purpose utility knives.

D-2 - This grade of tool steel exhibits good toughness while providing good wear resistance and edge retention. It can be finished to a high shine. D-2 is best suited for camp knives, hunting knives or kitchen knives used for chopping.

Z-Wear PM - This is a very tough grade of PM tool steel that exhibits very good edge retention and wear resistance. Z-Wear PM is best suited for survival knives in demanding situations..

CPM 3V - This is a PM grade of tool steel that is very tough and holds an edge well. CPM 3V is best suited for survival knives where heavy use is required.

440C - This is a stainless steel grade, used for high-quality cutlery, exhibiting good wear resistance and toughnes while providing good corrosion resistance. 440C is used extensively throughout the culinary industry.

CPM S35VN - This is a premier stainless steel. CPM S35VN provides excellent toughness, good wear resistance and edge retention while providing excellent corrosion resistance. CPM S35VN is made for heavy use in poor environmental conditions.

Handle Materials

Wood - Wood is available in many different grain patterns and colors, and makes for a beautiful knife. However, wood has a tendency to crack and split. We use only stabilized woods to minimize the chance of cracking or splitting.

G-10 - This is a high-pressure phenolic laminate made from layers of colored fiberglass and epoxy. G-10 is impervious to water, oils and other environmental elements and will provide a sure grip to the user. This high-contrast material will look and perform virtually the same after heavy use or neglect.

Micarta - This is a resin based phenolic product combining layers of paper, linen or canvas resulting in a very tough, durable product that resists environmental elements. Micarta can be finished to be a beautiful product with long-lasting durability.

Kirinite - This is a very versatile acrylic product that will resist cracking, chipping, warping and shrinking. It is produced in unique batches providing the user with a one-of-a-kind handle with great durability and grip.

Other Materials - At times, we also have knives available with other materials, such as C-Tek, Raffir and Carbon Fiber.


416 SS - All of our threaded fasteners are produced from 416 SS and then hardened. We believe that using hardened 416 SS fasteners provides the user with a very strong bond between the knife blade and the handle, while providing very good corrosion resistance.

Stainless Steel - We use 304 SS for our solid and hollow stainless fasteners coupled with a permanent epoxy to provide a strong bond between the handle and the knife blade. 304 SS provides very good corrosion resistance for demanding environments.

Copper - Our copper fasteners are made from 110C copper and bonded with a durable permanent epoxy. 110C is corrosion resistant and will develop a blue-green patina with age.

Mosaic Pins - These pins are produced from a variety of materials including 304 SS, 360 Brass and 110C copper, providing the user with a unique look to their knife. The mosaic pins are bonded to the knife using a permanent epoxy.


Our knife blades are produced with either an antiqued stonewashed finish, a matte finish, a satin finish or blued finish. The antiqued stonewashed finish mimics the finish that would be found on your grandfather's prized possession, while the matte finish has a durable slate grey finish. Our satin finish provides the user with a good-looking durable shiny finish. Our blued finish is the same finish as you would expect on a prized firearm.

Blade Grinds

Our blades are offered with either a flat grind, providing the user with a very durable blade and a fine cutting edge, or a scandi grind, providing the user with an easy-to-sharpen strong blade. We may, at times, offer a chisel grind on our specialty knives for heavy chopping applications.

Heat Treating

Heat treating is where the knife steel is brought to life. We take great care in our heat treating process to make sure that we provide you with a knife blade that will last through the ages. All of our knife blades are stress relieved, heat treated and triple tempered. Our process ensures that all of the manufacturing stresses have been minimized and that your knife will serve you well in those demanding situations.

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