Case Study #1: Slitter Knife

Tool Type: Slitter knife

Work material: Fiberglass/Resin roll

Original tooling material: D-2 tool steel hardened to RC 60-62

Problem: The knife would wear out due to abrasion on the cutting edge. The dull knife edge would then cause tearing and fraying of the fiberglass resin material. Regrinding of the knife cutting edge was necessary after 7500 linear feet of processing.

Solution: Upgrade to PM M-4 high speed steel hardened to RC 60-62

Results: The customer was able to process 11,000 linear feet of material with the PM M-4 slitter knife before regrinding of the cutting edge was necessary. The fiberglass material was able to be cut smoothly and leave no frayed edges along the cut line. An additional benefit is the slitting speed was able to be increased by 10% resulting in greater productivity for the processor.

Check out the PM M-4 Data Sheet for more information.