Tool and Die 

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The tool and die industry is a specialized group of manufacturers that produce tooling components for other industries. They serve many manufacturing industries such as metal stamping, roll forming, plastic molding, vinyl extrusion, cold and hot heading, forging, powder metal compaction and metal injection molding. 

The tool designs and manufacturing methods for these industries can be very different from one another. Tool and die manufacturers are very versatile and serve many industries, but most tend to specialize in serving one or two specific manufacturing industries.

A selection of powder compaction tooling produced from tool steel

Tool and die makers use lathes, mills, grinders, EDMs, CNC machining centers and various polishing and inspection equipment to produce tools to very close tolerances, as close as .0005”. A very complex set of tools may require up to 100 hours to complete, and employ the use of many toolmakers through the manufacturing process. Toolmakers produce tools with very intricate shapes and must fit closely together in order to produce the correct part shape and size during the production process.

Various punch press tooling components made from tool steel

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