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Aug 18, 2017

CPM 154 Stainless Steel Data Sheet

CPM 154 is a PM version of the popular 154 CM stainless knife steel. The chemical composition is the same, however, the toughness and grindability has been improved.

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Aug 17, 2017

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is used to produce 30% of the plastic products. This process involves the introduction of resin into a mold cavity.

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Aug 16, 2017


Many manufacturing industries employ the use of tool steel in their process. Discover these industries, their manufacturing process and the tool steel grades that are used to produce the products.

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Aug 15, 2017

Common Alloying Elements of Tool Steel

What makes tool steel different from most other steel? How do the alloying elements affect tool steel? The answers are here.

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Aug 14, 2017

Tool Steel Selection

With so many tool steel grades available, how do you chose the correct tool steel grade for your application and what tool steel properties are required for your tool to be successful?

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Aug 11, 2017

CNC Machinist

A CNC machinist brings life to a piece of tool steel. They are responsible for giving shape to the tool. See how they achieve this through the use of technology.

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Aug 09, 2017

Cold Work Tool Steel Comparison Chart

This is the conventional cold work tool steel comparison chart comparing O-1, L-6, S-7, H-13, A-2 and D-2

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Aug 08, 2017

Rockwell Hardness Conversion Chart

Rockwell C-Scale is the standard scale on which tool steels are measured. Occasionally, the hardness is stated as Brinell hardness and must be converted to the Rockwell C-scale for comparison.

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Aug 04, 2017

STS Knife Steel Store CPM 3V

We have added more sizes of CPM 3V knife steel, cut the cost and are offering FREE shipping on our over $250.00

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Aug 03, 2017

Tool Steel Terminology

What is residual stress? Find the definition here. An explanation of tool steel terminology is explained here.

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Aug 02, 2017

Tool Steel Supplier

Who do you depend on for your tool steel information? Who should you depend on for your tool steel supply? Discover the criteria necessary to make the correct choice.

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Aug 01, 2017

Mulit-purpose Tools

Multi-ppurpose tools are available in a wide variety of sizes, configurations and uses for survival, rescue and camping. Quality tool steel is used in these tools for the cutting edges.

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Jul 31, 2017

Annealing of Tool Steel

Annealing is required when the tool steel needs to be restored to its' original soft facilitate further machining or hot working.

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Jul 28, 2017

Welding of Tool Steel

Welding of tool steel is sometimes a necessary practice. This article is an explanation of the procedure and precautions that should be taken and equipment used when welding tool steel.

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Jul 27, 2017

Tool and Die

The tool and die industry is a specialized group of manufacturers that produce tooling components for other industries. Tool steel is the center of the tool and die industry.

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Jul 26, 2017

PM Tool Steel Production

Discover how the PM tool steel production process differs from conventional tool steel production. Explore the advantages of the PM process including increased toughness and alloy content.

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Jul 25, 2017

M-42 High Speed Steel Data Sheet

M-42 is a 8% cobalt high speed steel that offers superior heat and wear resistance over M-2 high speed steel. M-42 can be hardened to RC 67.

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Jul 24, 2017

Z-Wear PM Tool Steel Data Sheet

This is a PM grade of cold work tool steel that offers a versatile combination of high value, high toughness and high hardness. Z-Wear PM is well suited for many form tool applications.

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Jul 21, 2017

EDM of Tool Steel

The EDM process is used in many toolmaking industries to aid in the production of intircate tooling. Read about the EDM process and the necessary precautions for tool steel.

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Jul 20, 2017

Stainless and Mold Steel Comparison Chart

Toughness, wear resistance, hardness and corrosion resistance of many common mold steels including 420 ESR and 440C stainless steel are compared on thiis stainless and mold steel comparison chart.

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Jul 19, 2017

T-15 High Speed Steel Data Sheet

Does your operation generate heat? PM T-15 high speed steel may solve your tooling issues caused by high speeds and friction.

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Jul 18, 2017

STS Knife Steel Store - Z-Wear PM

We have added more sizes of Z-Wear PM sheet stock, reduced the cost and are offering FREE shipping on orders over $250.00

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Jul 17, 2017

Tool Steel Wear Resistance

Tool steel wear resistance and hardness combine to provide longevity to the life of a tool. Do your tools wear out due to abrasion or adhesion? Find out how to tell the difference.

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Jul 14, 2017

Tool Steel Data Sheets

Data sheets for many common tool steel grades including O-1, L-6, A-2, D-2, S-7 and H-13, A-11, A-11LV, PM M-4, PM T-15, M-48 and many more tool steels with heat treating instructions

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Jul 13, 2017

Conventional Tool Steel Production

How is tool steel produced? Read this article to gain an understanding of the conventional tool steel production process.

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Jul 12, 2017

Bar Finishes for Tool Steel

Tool steel bars are available with many different bar finishes. Check out the types available and the reason for these finishes.

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Jul 11, 2017

A-11 Tool Steel Data Sheet

A-11 Tool steel is a very common high wear resistant tool steel. This grade achieves its wear resistance by forming vanadium carbides through the use of 10% vanadium content.

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Jul 10, 2017

Heat Treating Introduction

An understanding of the definition of heat treating and its' affect on the properties of tool steel is explained here.

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Jul 07, 2017

CNC Machines for Tool Steel Machining

CNC Machines are used extensively in the tooling industry to turn tool steel into tooling components. CNC Machining centers, lathes and mills are common tool room equipment.

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Jul 06, 2017

S-7 Tool Steel Data Sheet

S-7 is an air hardening tool steel, formulated for high impact resistance at relatively high hardness. It offers toughness to withstand chipping and breaking up to RC 59.

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Jul 05, 2017

M-4 High Speed Steel Data Sheet

PM M-4 high speed steel data sheet with heat treating instructions

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Jun 30, 2017

Cryogenic Treatment of Tool Steel

Some tool steels may benefit from a cryogenic treatment.This article details the cryogenic treatment of tool steel and the benefits.

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Jun 29, 2017

High Speed Steel Comparison Chart

This high-speed steel chart compares the hardness, wear resistance, toughness and red hardness of M-2, M-42, PM M-4, PM M-48 and PM T-15.

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Jun 28, 2017

Why do we heat treat tool steel?

Let's do some tool steel heat treating.

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Jun 27, 2017

What is Tool Steel

Tool steel forms nearly everything in your life. Tool steel is a special type of steel used in the production of tooling for many industrial processes.

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Jun 26, 2017

Tool Steel Tensile Strength

The tensile strength of tool steel is directly related to the hardness of tool steel. This chart shows the approximate tensile strength of tool steel at vaious hardnesses.

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Jun 23, 2017

Stress Relieving of Tool Steel

Stress relieving tool steel plays a very important role. It reduces the stress in the tool that causes dimensional instability during the hardening process. See how this process works.

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Jun 22, 2017

Properties of Tool Steel

Toughness, wear resistance and red hardness are inherent properties of tool steel. Hardness is another property that is developed during the heat treating process.

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Jun 20, 2017

Grinding Tool Steel

Severe tool steel damage may occur during the grinding operation. Chipping and cracking are two common problems that occur from the use of improper grinding practices.

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Jun 19, 2017

Avoiding Tool Failure

Is tool failure a problem for your operation? Many factors contribute to the production of a good tool.. Using the proper precautions can lead to higher productivity.

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Jun 16, 2017

CPM S30V Stainless Steel Knives

CPM S30V Stainless Steel Knives have become the new standard in American knifemaking during the past few years. CPM S30V offers high strength, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

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Jun 14, 2017

CPM S35VN Stainless Steel Data Sheet

New CPM S35VN stainless steel data sheet highlights the edge retention and toughness of this knife steel. CPM S35VN is a tougher version of CPM S30V, due to the addition of niobium.

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Jun 09, 2017

Austenizing of Tool Steel

An explanation of the hardening, or austenizing of tool steel. This is the stage of the heat treating process when the transformation of the structure takes place.

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Jun 08, 2017

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Jun 05, 2017

440C Stainless Steel

440C Stainless steel is a heat treatable stainless steel that has been designed for very good wear resistance with moderate corrosion resistance in mild environments.

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May 23, 2017

4140 Alloy Steel Data Sheet

4140 is not a tool steel, but it is an alloy steel that is commonly used in conjunction with tool steels as structural components.

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May 19, 2017

Emergency Situation Bag

Emergencies occur when least expected. Are you prepared for a real life emergency situation? What should you have prepared?

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May 16, 2017

420 ESR Stainless Steel

420 ESR is an electroslag remelted version of 420 stainless steel. 420 ESR exhibits good corrosion resistance with excellent wear resistance for the plastic molding industry.

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May 08, 2017

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Simply Tool Steel is dedicated to the explanation in simple terminology of tool steel and related powder metal, PM, high speed and alloy steels

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