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Carpenter Hikes Prices 7% on PM Steels
Carpenter Powder Products announced that they will raise their base prices by seven percent (7%) on all bar, plate, and finished PM tool steel products. The increase is effective for orders shipped on or after February 1, 2013. The current monthly surcharges will remain in effect.

Carpenter Powder Products, a division of Carpenter Technology Corporation, produces powder metal and wrought high speed and tool steel products. SB Specialty Metals recently signed a long-term agreement with Carpenter to purchase all of their PM steel for distribution in their warehouse system.

Carpenter Puts Latrobe Distribution Up For Sale
Carpenter Technology said that it has began the process to sell Latrobe Specialty Steel Distribution (LSSD) and its Mexican distribution business, Aceros Fortuna....

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Tool Steel Poll
In an effort to better understand our readers, we have developed a tool steel poll. We would like to know what grades of tool steel that you regularly use in your operations.... Take the Poll

Tool Steel into the Future
The future of tool steel is interesting and also very bright. Many changes in the industry have taken place recently. Where is the tool steel industry headed?....

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Tool Steel Distributors Concerned about Latrobe Acquisition
Tool steel distributors throughout the United States are voicing their concerns about the acquistion of Latrobe Specialty Metals by Carpenter Technology Corporation... Read Article

Cartech acquires Latrobe
Carpenter Technology Corporation will acquire Latrobe Specialty Metals, Inc., located in Latrobe, PA. The purchase is expected to be finalized by September 30, 2011. ... Read Article

Choosing a Tool Steel Supplier
Choosing a tool steel supplier is a very important decision. There are many elements of tool steel that will affect your production. Your tool steel provider should be able to ... Read Article

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