Tool Steel Simplified

Quality tooling starts with tool steel. "Tool Steel Simplified" provides you with the knowledge necessary to turn tool steel into high-quality tooling for your application.

"Tool Steel Simplified" is 226 pages of valuable tool steel information, providing you with the resources necessary to produce high-quality tooling for your application.

This downloadable PDF ebook is written in an easy-to-understand format, providing the reader with a thorough understanding of tool steel and its' role in the tooling industry. You will use this ebook repeatedly as your most trust-worthy resource.

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Who benefits from this ebook:

  • Tool makers of all experience levels, including conventional and CNC machinists, grinders and EDM operators
  • Tooling engineers of all manufacturing industries including plastic injection molding, vinyl extrusion, roll forming, powder metal compaction, metal stamping and tool and die
  • Product designers, engineers, tool designers, estimators, schedulers
  • Production planners and buyers of tool steel
  • Captive and commercial heat treaters

What can you expect to learn:

  • Toughness, wear resistance, hardness and red hardness properties of tool steel
  • Secondary properties of tool steel including machinability, grindability and polishability
  • Tool steel terminology and alloying elements
  • An introduction to the tool steel industries and uses
  • Proper heat treatment of tool steel including precautions and tips
  • Proper design, machining and grinding of tool steel
  • The methodology behind choosing the correct tool steel for each application
  • Tool steel comparison charts and data sheets for common tooling grades including conventional and PM tool steels, conventional and PM high-speed steels, conventional and PM stainless steels and knife steels

How you would benefit from this ebook:

  • Gain a better understanding of the proper application of tool steel in your tooling
  • Learn the correct way to heat treat tool steel and discover "programmable" heat treating
  • Gain insight into the manufacturing processes using tool steel
  • Educate yourself about tool steel production methods, including the PM process
  • Learn proper machining, grinding and EDM’ing tool steel techniques and tips
  • Discover lucrative careers involving tool steel

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  • "So much valuable information packed into one amazing book."  - Ray A., Jasper, TN
  • "This is a great resource for anyone involved in the manufacturing field."  -  James N., Naperville, IL